My name is Vsevolod Glumov.

I’m working now as a technical writer with strong focus on code references and other developer-oriented materials. I’m also an inspired beginner developer, delving into the worlds of Java and Python on my own. You can find links to quite a few of my open-source projects on this site.

I’m not among the people who have recently joined the industry because they heard it may help them to pay their bills and more. I’m not among the people, constantly laying siege to conference halls in search of another million-dollar startup idea. I’m here because I’m in the state of being constantly amazed by the vast universe of knowledge the 20-year-old industry is now. I want to contribute to this. I want to be a part of it.

Along the way I’m getting stuck and puzzled. Sometimes I’m capable of fixing it myself, sometimes — some wiser guy comes and helps me. Some of these issues were real pearls and it’s a shame that they may be ultimately forgotten. Sometimes I suddenly get an idea of how I can improve my performance and implement them in my workflow. I start to perform better and it’s a shame I have no public space online to tell about this trick. Well, not anymore.

At the end of the day there is no final goal to this blog. Ideally, it should have no end, no real destination, as the learning process that it conveys. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a blog. It should be more like the journal of the odyssey into the unknown.

Let it be the ultimate mission statement.


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